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Chapter 27 – Drakes goodbye

Josh let go of the blade as Dread staggered backwards his eye's staring down at the blade that had pierced his heart and suddenly Dread's dragon hind form started to turn grey and turn into clay his body then fell off revealing Dread's human form under the dragon skin and finally the skin crumpled completely and he fell down on the ground.  "Did I get him?" Josh said looking at Dread "Yeah you got him" Drake said walking up to him. "Drake how did you- "I used my magic to give you most of my energy while I took the pain in your body into mine" Drake said falling down on his butt panting from his exhaustion. Josh helped him up "Drake thanks if it wasn't for you he would have killed me" Josh said "Don't worry about it" Drake said as he got back up on his feet.

"GAAAAAAH!"  Josh and Drake turned to see Dread stagger back to live his red eye's glowing with a pulsing rage. "What the… he's not dead yet!" Josh said "No he can't that was a fatal wound he shouldn't be breathing anymore!" Drake glared. "Hah… Hah… You just screwed yourselves too death!" Dread said, "You only help create new darkness you fools" he said but to Josh and Drake the voice was different that didn't sound like Dread. "You have only brought pain torment and sadness" he said again but again the voice was different.

"Okay he's starting to creep me out" Josh said as he managed to stand up "What the heck..." Drake muttered. "The Darkness there voices they cry out for released" Dread said in another voice and then looked at Josh and Drake and suddenly they couldn't move as they looked at him "You have served your purpose and freed us from this one grave" he spoke in there minds "But you will die the next time we met keeper of Light" he said in the most demon of his voices but then suddenly Dread roared as his body started  to crumble into pieces all the darkness shot out of his body and entered the clouds above them and they started to spread covering the entire sky.  Then the darkness disappeared and rain fell from the clouds far as the eyes could see.

"We won…" Josh said as rain poured all over the land and the city dousing the flames around them. "Yes… we did…" Drake said thinking abut what Dread said before he died. "By the way I have been meaning to ask Josh" Drake said which made Josh turn around "How did you achieve your final power" That caused Josh to turn wide eyed and he looked down in sadness "Drake… I- "Josh!" They both turned to see Katy and Alex running towards them "Josh it's Voltica she's- "I know…" Josh said which made them look in surprise and Drake just stood there. "She died in my arms…" he whispered remembering how he had killed her by accident and what she said before she stopped breathing. "Josh I…" Alex was about to say but Katy stopped him and Drake just closed his eye's in understanding, Josh then noticed all his friends flying towards him and landed in front of them when they saw everyone's faces they all knew that Josh knew and Cynder who was carrying her dead body dropped it gently on the ground, and Josh walked over to her a rubbed her cheek "Voltica I did it I defeated Dread just like you asked… I just… I wish… you were alive to see it" he said as he started to cry his tears hitting her face.

Everyone looked at the scene with sad faces no one knew what to say let alone do to help Josh but Drake walked over and got on his knees. "Drake?" Josh asked in confusion "What are you…" he asked as Drake looked at his dragon pendent and smiled "I'm going to take care of my last duty" he said as the crystal started to glow with a white light and Drake then pressed his hand to Voltica's side and the light transferred to Voltica and spread around her body. Josh saw that the wound was healing at a alarming rate but the biggest surprise was when Josh saw her closed eye's twitched and a faint moan come from her and when the light faded Drake fell to his butt and then everyone turned a gasped in surprised as Voltica slowly opened her eye's and got up shocked by what happened "Wha-What's going on… Voltica said as she looked at everyone "Are you all dead?" "Oh course not Voltica do you see halo's on are heads" Alex said "Your alive". Voltica was shocked but then saw Josh staring in disbelieve "V-Voltica…" He stammered but then suddenly jumped on her "Your alive again!" he yelled as he kissed her on the lips in front of everyone Voltica was surprised but smiled and closed her eye's as they kissed and when they finally broke away Voltica then thought again something. "Josh how did you revive me?" she asked puzzled "I should be asking that too, Drake how did you do that?" he asked. All Drake did was smile as he fell backwards onto the ground.

"Drake!" Josh said running towards him as Drake smiled softy "Drake what's wrong?!" Voltica said as the others ran towards him as well. "Heh… it looks like my time has come" he spoke softly "What do you mean by that" Blaze asked "Simple… I'm going to die" Drake said. "What!" Josh said "Die you can't die what do you mean!" Josh said "Josh… you asked me how… I revived her…." He spoke in breaths "I didn't use magic… I used my own life energy… to do it" Drake said. "You mean you gave up your life to save hers" Glacier said "Drake…" Voltica said "You didn't have to do that" she said showing a tear. "Don't cry Voltica… to be true… I wanted to die… this world doesn't need magic… and it doesn't need me anymore…" Drake said his breathing slowing down "But before I go Josh, Alex… and Katy… I have one final… gift for you…" "A gift… like what?" Alex asked "A way home to your dimension" Drake said which made all three look at him "A way back home… but how?" Katy asked "Simple" Drake said using the last of his strength to remove the dragon pendent from his hand "All you have to do is use this" he said dropping it in front of Josh. "Your pendent… but how's it work?" Josh said picking it up "That… I'm afraid is… what you must figure out" Drake said his eye's slowly dropping. "Drake… Thank you… for everything" Josh choked and Drake smiled "No problem…" he said as he closed his eyes. ("Everyone now I can go… to the other side") he said in his head as he stopped breathing. "Drake…" Katy said tears forming as Alex held her to comfort her everyone was either crying abit or looking at the ground in sadness but then everyone saw that the rain had stopped and the sun parted the clouds revealing the blue sky again and everyone looked up and smiled as they all knew that they had saved the city and while everyone looked at the sky Josh nuzzled Voltica happy that she was back and here to stay and Voltica nuzzled back happy to have him with her again.

The next couple of weeks involved reconstruction of Warfang which would take some time and the mourning of the dead including the three guardians Cyril Volteer and Terrador and even Drake who was buried along with the other dragons, everyone was there to pay there respects plus to give there thanks to Josh the envoy for stopping Dread and saving there lives.

A short while after the funeral Spyro and Cynder walked back to the gravesites and then saw Ignitus there standing before the graves of Cyril Volteer and Terrador "I thought you might come here young dragons" he said in a simple tone. "Ignitus" Spyro said walking up to him "… I sorry" 'For what" Ignitus spoke "It's not your fault that they died… we all die at some point Spyro but the time and place is different for each dragon" he said "Yeah I guess…" Cynder said "It's hard to not miss them around the place" "yeah… Spyro said thinking back to when they taught him everything he knew about breath attacks and how they had taught him the path of the purple dragon. "It's funny Spyro, Cynder" Ignitus said looking back at them "We had a feeling are time was drawing to a close and we were right". "So Ignitus waits going to happen now?" Cynder asked "Simple young dragons… the time has come for a knew generation of dragons to take are place in Warfang" he said as he started to walk away "You mean you won't be staying" Spyro asked "Yes Spyro I won't I have been trying to avoid this but I am going to have to return to the white isle and perform my other duty soon as the chronicler this very well might be the last time I get to spend with you" he said turning back to them. "I see" Spyro said looking towards the ground in sadness. He then saw Ignitus look at him "Spyro you have became an amazing dragon and so have you Cynder I will always be with you Spyro even after I part to the white isle" he said with a soft smile. Spyro smiled and he Ignitus and Cynder headed back to Warfang to help with the rebuilding.

Later that night Josh sat on his bed looking at the pendent in his hands wondering how to use it. "Man" Alex said snapping Josh out if his trance "Josh if you keep thinking about it to hard your going to restless" "I know that Alex but don't forget if we don't we might never get back home" "Yeah well you sure look like your at home with the dragon body and all" Alex said which Josh then remembered that yes he was in fact a dragon. Alex saw that and got up "Well I don't know about you but I got to go to the bathroom" he said as he left the room.

Meanwhile in another room  Voltica Flare and Ivy were getting ready for bed in the next room and Flare noticed Voltica "What's wrong now Voltica" Flare sighed "Oh nothing" Voltica said "Voltica you can't fool me with that tell me what's up? Flare nagged "Oh alright it's Josh- "I knew it" Flare smirked "Your upset with the whole return to human world right". Voltica glared but nodded "Look Voltica he may be dragon in body but he's a human in mind" she said "If you want to spend time with him go sleep cuddled next to him or something" Flare said "Because I don't want to Flare whenever I'm with him I remember that he's going to leave and get upset" she said "But if you act like this you might not get another chance too be with him" Ivy replied "Not that that's going to happen with Thoron or Blaze right now there to busy with construction and Mist is already sleeping with Glacier" she added. Voltica looked down but understood what she meant and nodded with what she said "I understand thanks" "No problem" Flare said all Ivy did was shrug.

Josh meanwhile was now thinking about his relationship with Voltica and that he would have to leave her to go back home to him it seemed the same as watching her die. "Man what am I going to do" he thought "Voltica is the only person I have ever fallen in love with and I have to leave her… I wish I knew what to do…" just then he heard someone at the door and turned to see it was Voltica. "Oh Hi Voltica what's wrong?" he asked "Oh nothing Josh" she said as she walked over to him and got on the bed with him. Josh known then what was on her mind "Voltica you don't want me to leave do you?" "No… if I'm honest no I don't" she said feeling like she was going to cry. "Voltica…" Josh said trying to find words to calm her down reaching out to pet her cheek but she grabbed his hand and held it tight "Josh… I… I… I don't know if I can live without you" she said before dropping a tear. Josh frowned and licked her cheek something she didn't expect from him and he turned to her and gave her a deep passionate kiss on the lips and she kissed back loving it. He then broke away and smiled "Voltica I understand your pain and I don't want to leave you either but that's why I want to spend the time I have left herewith you" he said Voltica smiled and held him close to her and he held her in a gentle embrace they then continued there kiss and fell onto the bed pulling the cover over them as they kissed each other passionately.

Meanwhile outside Alex stood outside the room having heard part of there conversation smiled "You know I think I'll go stay in Katy's room tonight" he said heading towards where she was staying and smiled "Maybe this should be Josh's home" Alex said smiling.
A turn of event's enjoy next chapters the last :D please comment.

Spyro character's belong to sierra

Glacier belongs to :iconjsonic50000:

all others are mine.
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