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December 1, 2009
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Final Chapter – Path of the Dragon

Josh held Voltica close to his chest and felt every breath she took as they kissed again and again. Voltica also held him close and gave him a playful movement of her foot indicating that she wanted to have something very special with him again. Josh smirked and pushed her on her back under the covers and lay on top of her kissing her.

("Man I never want to leave her but… I wish I could make this my true home…") he thought but was cut of as he felt her rest her arms on the back of his head and look him deeply in the eye's helping him soothe his worries and concerns. Josh looked at her too and felt at peace with her right next to him she was all he needed to have  to be at peace but knew that not everything was everlasting so he smiled and decided to give her the best of the time he had left. He then bent down to her as he prepared to kiss her and begin there moment but then a light emitted from under the covers which surprised both of them and they immediately got off each other and lifted the covers to see where the light was coming from and where both surprised to see that it was coming from Drakes Dragon pendent the crystal attached to the design was glowing like crazy.

"Josh what's happening" Voltica said as the light grew stronger the pendent then floated into the air and then shot out the window breaking it and flying toward the center of the city.

"Voltica go get Alex and Katy I think we might have found are way home" He said as she rushed out the building following the pendent and ending up in the square where he first met Spyro and Cynder. Too his surprise he saw Spyro, Cynder, Blaze Glacier, Mist and Thoron already there.

"I'm guessing you're here because of that" Josh asked watching the pendent float in the sky as the light glowed bright.

"Yeah we saw it and headed over… so you mind telling us what that is" Spyro said and before Josh could speak he heard Voltica heading towards him with Alex, Katy, Flare, and Ivy appeared on the scene. In fact many dragons had started to appear in the square looking at the light glaring down on them and as soon as they gathered the real show started as the pendent floated down slowly and then sanked into the ground leaving everyone in a state of confusion but then lights started to shoot out of the earth and form into a bright white orb that just glowed in the center of the square but to Josh Alex and Katy the orb meant one thing.

"Home!" Alex said "We can go home!"  He said as he walked over to the orb "We can finally go home at last!" he said even Katy was happy as she walked over to Alex. Josh was happy too but then he remembered something and looked at Voltica who had a sad look on her face and suddenly Josh felt horrible. He at this point was torn to be with Voltica but to return to the world he knew by heart and he felt worse then when Voltica died in his arms because it was worse to know that she would be alone again and he didn't want that. But there was also the fact that Alex and Katy would be sad if he left them to stay here plus how would they explain his disappearance he would be put on T.V as a kidnapped person and never be seen again.

"Josh" Alex said which Josh responded too as Alex turned to him and was shocked to hear what Alex wanted to say "If you want to stay here you can" he said bringing a hand to his shoulders.

   "W-What?" Josh said lost for words.

"Josh Alex talked to me about this too" Katy said coming over to him "We both know you don't want to leave here… we want what's best for you and…  don't worry about us we can handle ourselves " Katy stammered a tear flowing to her eye's meanwhile Josh was surprised too hear from both of them though they didn't say it directly they wanted him to stay in Warfang and be with Voltica and his new friends and Josh knew that and let lose a tear not from sadness but from happiness hearing his friends giving him the go ahead.

"Voltica" Josh said turning to her which caught her attention and it surprised her more as he smiled "Is it possible to stay here in this dimension with you and everyone else" he asked her and she looked in disbelief and looked at Katy and Alex and they nodded to her. Then all three saw her tears of happiness as she ran over to Josh and kissed him.

"Josh I would love for you to stay here with me and everyone else…" she cried in happiness "Right everyone?" she said turning to the others.

"Of course me and Mist would like that too" Glacier said and Mist agreed with a nod as well as Spyro and Cynder, Blaze and Flare, even Ivy and Thoron.

"Then it's settled" Josh said "I'm staying here with you Voltica" he said kissing her on the lips and she kissed back crying her eye's out in her happiness and everyone smiled in happiness at the new couple. Meanwhile Alex nodded to Katy and see smiled as she and him went over to Josh and after Josh broke his kiss with Voltica he turned to his old friends and hugged them and gave them a smile as then walked over to the orb and waved him good bye and he did the same and with one last sentence "Good bye Alex, Katy I'll never forget you guys thank you" then the two disappeared into the orb and in another second did the orb float upward and disappear in a flash of light leaving nothing left but a square full on dragons and dragoness and one human who had followed the path of the dragon tears coming down his face as Voltica held him in comfort.

Meanwhile the portal had opened up in the human world and with it Alex and Katy as they fell into the ruins that had brought all three into the dragon world and as they got up they realized that everything looked the same as they had left it when they disappeared into the orb the first time.

"Wow…" Alex said looking around "What time is it" he said as check he stepped outside the ruins again and to his surprised it was the same as when they had left the day was almost gone and they were back not missing a single minute.

"Alex I hate to admit it but we might be in trouble" Katy said remembering that they where probably going to be questioned when people learned of Josh's disappearance and would need to  probably explain what happened to Josh.

"Oh yeah that is a problem but I don't believe they will believe the story… Oh man I wish this was solved before it becomes a issue- he stopped when he saw a mysterious glow come from the ruins and he and Katy turned around to see that the dragon pendent had followed them to this world and floated up into the air emitting the same light it then released the mysterious glow on the entire area that the two lived on and when the light stopped the pendent dropped back to earth and then sanked into the earth again leaving the two shocked by the whole scene.

"What… just happened" Katy said confused but Alex just smirked.

"I think are problems were just solved" He said as he looked back at the ruins one last time and smiled "So long Josh…" he said before he and Katy headed for home.

*2 Year's later*        

Alex and Katy had just gotten out of school and were walking to Alex's black equinox and hoped in and started to take off towards Katy's home.

"Man it seems like all of it was just a big dream" Alex said as he made a left turned thinking about how the magic of the crystal just affected the entire town and everyone in it two years ago. He remembered the face everyone gave him when he mentioned Josh and no one in the entire building knew who he was talking about it was as if he never was there to begin with and that Alex was just being stupid as the pendent had erased there minds of every trace of Josh and his old life except from there's.

"I know" Katy said as then reached her house a short while later "Josh's life here is completely gone no trace of him left" she said thinking about how he was doing back at his new home in Warfang and with his new love Voltica.

"Well whatever the case he's probably in a better home then he ever had here… and speaking of which it's your stop" he smirked as she got out.

"See you later tonight Alex" She said as she closed the door after all she and Alex had been dating for some time now and they could tell it was a good relationship and before she walked inside her house she saw him backing out and going "yes" as he drove off and all she did was smile.

Meanwhile between dimensions Warfang was back to it's former glory and beauty as all the damage had been fixed and the dragons were living peaceful lives under a new group of guardians it was a truly lovely place.

And in the streets stood Josh happy as can be as he walked into the building where Voltica was but it was no ordinarily building it was the building the dragons had built to keep unborn hatchings. Josh walked inside to see Voltica his mate standing in front of something and when she heard Josh she turned around and was greeted by a pair of lips to her's as then shared a passionate kiss. It was then that Josh saw it the egg that Voltica had laid after a mouth  the egg was green with yellow spots on it and Josh smiled see it after all it was his child.

"Josh I'm glad you stayed here to be my mate" Voltica said "When the egg hatches we will be a happy family won't we".

Josh smirked "What are you saying that were not a happy family now" he said in a joking form and Voltica just smiled as she kissed him again and he kissed back with the same passion truly they were in love and nothing could pull them apart right there and as they broke away Josh smiled and said "By the way I'm glad to be your mate too" as he held her in a tight embrace.

*Meanwhile somewhere dark*

("The darkness has been pushed back.") ("Yes it has and it really is depressing to think that it happened so easily we such be more careful") (….) ("I feel the pain and the torment we have caused it eats me away so badly") ("Do we look like we care all you talk about is sadness it sickens me to no end!") ("I wouldn't be talking after all it was your fault we lost In the first place") ("Maybe so but I still helped us escape completely… hehehehe they never saw it coming") ("… Yes I suppose so after all they never did learn the truth…") ("Yes I feel sad for them considering that all they did was free us the ones that should have lived in the first place the minds born after the darkness tormented and eat Ivan's soul") ("That fool got that coming for him he was weak!") ("Enough! We have been released from the grave… and when the time arrives… we will walk the earth again… before it was just seven minds in one grave… but now… it has become seven minds in seven graves… and when we walk the earth again… it will be the end of everything…)

Then out of the darkness seven pairs of red eye's glowed with unholy light.

The End?
Final Chapter :D please comment.

Spyro characters belong to sierra

Glacier belongs to :iconjsonic50000:

all others are mine :D
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