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July 26, 2010
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Lightshade was your typical teenage dragon he went to school had a job and nice parents even though sometimes they can be a little too annoying and a little too loud with their relationship sometimes but Lightshade didn't care. There was one thing that made Lightshade different from most teenagers however, it wasn't even something about him that was different it was what he was doing and with who he was doing it with. You see Lightshade had a girlfriend and you might be thinking what's so different about that? Well the thing was she wasn't your average girl since she was a princess but not just any princess she was princess of the demon realm.

Lightshade thought it was funny how it happened it was when he decided to try internet dating and pretty soon he found her on the net. Over time they developed a relationship talking to each other over the web and then one day they decided to meet. When they did she looked like your average beautiful dragoness but when they went out she started to show her powers to keep a drunken idiot away. It was then that she spilled the beans and told him who she really was. When she did Lightshade surprisingly didn't get mad or fearful he actually found it cool that he was dating her. That made her smile and from then on she and him had a healthy relationship.

"Lightshade shouldn't you be going soon" his mother shouted to him from downstairs. "Yeah mom I'm just getting ready" he said as he got into a tux he didn't find it comfortable but where he was planning to take his girlfriend Demonetta he had to dress more accordingly. He had gotten a raise at his job and was planning to take her out to a fancy restaurant tonight. Of course even after all this time Lightshade found it hard to talk to her since he was shy, but that to Demonetta was cute and she liked in a way to tease him in that way. Lightshade finished getting dress and pretty soon exited his room said good bye to his parents got into his father's car since his father was nice enough to let him drive it tonight and headed towards the meeting place for him and Demonetta.

When he reached the park where they were going to meet at Lightshade was surprised to find him there first, that being weird since Demonetta was always the first to reach their meeting places he had even had to take an extra ten minutes to get ready for tonight. Lightshade was about to wait for her on the bench when suddenly he heard a tap on the car's window and he turned to see Demonetta and to his surprise she was gorgeous she was wearing a black dress that went together with her red scales and he was stunned for a bit until Demonetta tapped the glass again.

Lightshade then snapped to his senses and unlocked the car door and she came in smiling. "Hey there I can tell you like the dress" she giggled which made Lightshade blush a bit as he and her went to the restaurant. During the car ride Demonetta teased him a few times rubbing her thigh a little which caught his attention for a couple seconds but he quickly remembered he was driving and said politely "Please don't tease me when I'm driving" he said nervously but to his luck Demonetta just liked how he reacted and did it again.

Finally they arrived at the restaurant and Lightshade being a gentlemen helped Demonetta out of the car which she replied to as "Oh a gentlemen how sweet" she said kissing him on the cheek which made his white scales turn red and she laughed as she took his hand and they went in to the place.

"Nice place" Demonetta said as they entered it was a nice place very fancy no wonder he asked her to put on a dress. Pretty soon Lightshade and Demonetta were seated and a waiter came over too them "Hello there sir and madam what can I get for you to drink today?" he said as he handed down menus. Demonetta smiled innocently "I'll take coke you?" she asked Lightshade "I'll have that too only diet" he said and he nodded heading off. Demonetta just smiled at him "Trying to lose some weight or something?" she asked "No" Lightshade blushed embarrassed considering she was right… just a little bit. After they had place there order they didn't say much as they waited since Lightshade wasn't too good with girls even his girlfriend Demonetta just smiled and gave him a flirting look every now and then. Finally Lightshade broke the silence with "So how's your day been?" he asked her and she smiled "Good, normal romantic" she giggled which made him blush more as the waiter returned with their order and Demonetta and Lightshade eat and made more small talk it was quite a date and it was going well.

Then the waiter came with another couple and seated them on a table next to them. They looked like a rich couple considering they were in fancier clothes then them unfortuanly for the couple the women of the rich couple seem to be one of those snobbish rich types since Demonetta heard her mutter something about her dress and whatever she heard her say Demonetta didn't like it her sweet smile turned into a annoyed frown and then suddenly it turned to a evil smile. That made Lightshade nervous even more then her frown "Demonetta don't okay or were going to get kicked out" he whispered faintly to her all she did was smile and say "Then I won't get caught" she said she then saw a waiter coming towards the couple with some wine red wine to be accurate and Demonetta quickly spun a plan together and then giggled and said in a innocent tone "Oh Lightshade you know how to make a girls tail twitch" she said and with quick and precise movements of her tail she hit the tray the waiter was holding carrying knocking the red wine directly into the lap of the dragoness and she cursed as it stained her beautiful dress.

"Oh dear I'm so sorry about that" she said in a sad innocent tone looking upset from that. Lightshade sighed a bit she was a master of drama and if he didn't want anyone to catch on to this ruse he would have clapped at her performance. However that didn't help her much as the dragoness got up and hissed "This was my best dress!" she said getting up in Demonetta's face "Now you ruined it I hope you've got a job honey cause this cost three hundred bucks and I want the money for a new one" she said. Demonetta got anger a bit now at her lack of manners "Hey I said I was sorry it was an accident" she said even though it was not true. "I don't care!" she said grabbing Demonetta's arm now "This is not going to come out you little- she was cut off as Lightshade pulled her arm off Demonetta's letting go as soon as she let go of Demonetta's "Hey Mis it's true Demonetta caused this but there's no reason to get physical" he said shielding her a bit but that changed when the dragon male of the couple got up and said "And here's a lesson for you young man" he said shoving him to the floor "Never put a hand on my wife again" he said with a snarl. Lightshade just got up rubbed his check and said "I'm just protecting her" he said not throwing any punches since that wouldn't help, all his gentlemen act got was a ear full of words "Let the brat deal for it herself you just back off" he said shoving him away again but Lightshade kept to his feet and went back over making sure he they didn't try to hurt Demonetta again "Hey did you listen" the guy said "I said back off" he said now shoving Lightshade harder and he tumbled backwards and hit the ground hard.

Demonetta had seen enough and with quick actions grabbed the guy by the arm and slammed him to the floor with a cold icy look in her eyes "If you touch my boyfriend ever again you will be seeing stars do you hear me buster!" she hissed which made the guy shut up immdiantly she then turned to the dragoness wondering if she had anything else to say. Seeing her husband on the ground shut her up immdiantly and she stayed silent. "Good" she said as she let go of the males arm and helped Lightshade up "Are you alright?" she asked and Lightshade just nodded "Yeah I'll be fine I'm tough" he said which made her smile "Come on tough guy lets go  home" she said seeing how much of a uproar they had caused. Lightshade paid for their food and the two left with Demonetta smiling at Lightshade as he dropped her off in the park where she wanted to be dropped off.

As Demonetta got out of the car she turned and said "I'm sorry about that Lightshade" she said sounding very unhappy with herself. Lightshade just smiled "It's okay Demonetta it could have gone better but truth be told I kind of like it how you make are dates exciting in your own way" he said. That sentence made her night as she then drooped her eyes in a very sexy manner and got into the car and before Lightshade could ask she kissed him on the lips very deeply, this caused Lightshades eyes to turn wide and his face turn red but quickly he succumbed to her kiss and kissed back as they shared it until they needed to breath and when they broke away and caught their breath all that came to mind was "Wow" both said at the same time as Demonetta went back to the car blushing a bit and waved him goodbye and Lightshade did the same as she closed the door and he drove off with a content sigh.

When he got home and got to his room he saw he left his computer on he was about to close it but then a message arrived he opened it to find it was Demonetta and what it said made him blush "I owe you a nice date see you around sometime" "P.S I'll definitely want some more lip time with you on that date signed your Demon princess Demonetta"
Request from :icondragonofdarkness1992: with his two dragons going on a date enjoy it buddy hope you like it sorry it was so long a wait :)

Lightshade and Demonetta belong to :icondragonofdarkness1992:
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demondragon1 Aug 22, 2010  Student Photographer
i have to fav this
Thanks and thanks for the watch :)
demondragon1 Aug 22, 2010  Student Photographer
np i hope to see more stuff like know this is pretty funny if i say so my self
heh heh this is awesome heh i like it alot kinda reminds me of some RP's ive done before
DragonofDarkness1992 Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww very nice story ^_^ I love how you made Demonetta act in this x3
NP :) glad you liked it
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